• Romanian born artist Adina Plugaru constantly redefines, through her playful works, the use of classic materials and techniques. Based in Venice since 2010, she uses painting, illustration, ceramics and textile design to express her views on deeply human subjects, extracted from everyday life. Her adoptive town still represents an important inspiration, as the ”pavimento” of Venice is reinterpreted in various ways, becoming a texture or a significant background in Adina’s works.

    Fish, birds, flowers are symbols who escort the human characters caught mostly in moments of silence, trying to solve a communication puzzle. Whether you are watching a painting or an illustration. Adina’s technique always requires your involvement in decoding her work, while giving back emotion and aesthetic pleasure.

    She has signed a significant number of solo shows in Venice, both in conventional galleries – like the ones of the Romanian Institute for Culture – and in unusual spaces, like the Casa Punto Croce. She has also participated in group shows in Venice, Rome and Napoli, her unique style making and impression every time.

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